Now you can avoid and eliminate germs, thanks to the Marf!

Ever sit next to someone on a plane, train, or bus who couldn’t stop sneezing or coughing? We all know it’s impossible to completely avoid germs, but research shows the key to good health is avoiding and eliminating those germs as much as possible.

While exceeding the requirements for optimum fit and filtration, Marfs are designed for men, woman, children, students, commuters, frequent flyers, travelers, and the list goes on! Whether its fall, winter, spring or summer, Marfs can be worn as a scarf or mask, wrapped around your backpack, or draped over your briefcase.

Marfs are fashionable, comfortable and convenient- Ready for anytime, anyplace!

The Inventor, the Father, and the Businessman

Edward James Jones- the inventor, father and businessman- designed the Marf, which has a U.S. Patent Pending Application awaiting approval. With more than 30 years of experience as a metalworking fluid specialist, Jones’ area of expertise includes research, formulation, development, manufacturing, and marketing of metalworking lubricants. As the COO of a REACH and GHS compliant company, he holds health, safety, and environmental concerns.

The idea dawned on him while he was traveling overseas and seated next to an individual who was repeatedly sneezing and coughing. With the intention of creating a product that could be worn by both the healthy and ill, Jones’ created a prototype Marf, which he then sent off to be tested against strands of bacteria, molds, viruses and fungus under ASTM metrics. After completing and passing several tests, Jones’ went forward with production so he could supply YOU with your Marf today!

Planning a family vacation or traveling for business?

Don’t forget your Marf! According to the Journal of Environmental Health and Research, “There is growing evidence in literature to support the belief that bacteria and viruses are more likely to cause infection during air travel.”