Marfs are a brand new, premium fashion accessory for people of all ages. By combining the functionality of both a mask and a scarf, Marfs improve your health and wellness by filtering the air you breathe and eliminating any airborne contaminates. Designed with bamboo charcoal and infused with elemental silver and active carbon, Marfs provide a substantial defense against the flu, MERS-CoV, disease-causing bacteria and the common cold!

Have you ever sat next to someone on a plane, train, or bus that was obviously sick and couldn’t stop coughing? How many times have you stood in line at the supermarket or shopping mall and the person in front of you was sneezing uncontrollably?

We all know it’s impossible to completely avoid germs, but research shows the key to good health is avoiding and eliminating those germs as much as possible.

Now you can, thanks to the Marfs!

Your health matters!

Reduction and blockage of airborne contaminates is a key function of the Marfs. Recent studies conducted by research facilities and universities have found that germ particles from a sneeze or cough are far more capable of spreading viruses than originally predicted. Marfs are designed for optimum fit and filtration and should not only be worn when you’re healthy, but also when you’re ill. By reducing the risk of developing secondary infections and the spread of germs, Marfs are proven to help protect you from a wide array of viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus, and yeasts.

Protect Yourself!

The value in knowing you’re taking extra precaution in protecting yourself and your loved ones against the cold and flu is unparalleled. Now you can, thanks to the Marf! With its proven technology, we can assure you that our unique concept and innovative materials used in the Marfs’ design are your best defense against germs. Marfs are 100% safe and have been thoroughly evaluated by an independent ISO 9001 certified facility and tested under internationally recognized ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) metrics. Learn more about our testing and procedures! 

Cover Your Cough and Sneeze With Your Marf!