Phillies, Marfs & Friends

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  • July 28, 2014

I hope everyone’s doing fabulous on this lovely Monday afternoon, and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was pretty exciting, but of course, it’s never long enough.

So, Friday night I attended a Phillies game with a few of my best friends. For those of you who don’t follow the Phillies or MLB Baseball, the Phillies and their fans have definitely seen better seasons. With their 46-59 record, my friends and I were really hoping for a win, but if that didn’t happen, at least we’d enjoy our $9 beers and the good company.

Before the 7th inning stretch, I figured I’d hit the bathroom before the rush. As always, I was wearing my Marf. So when I approached the sink, I tapped the water and soap dispenser with my Marf to avoid any transfer of germs (I really wonder how many people had touched that same knob). Anyway, the woman who was washing her hands to my left turned to me and said, “Health conscious, huh? You got the right idea, girl.” I smiled and replied, “You could say that… I don’t have the time to be stuck in bed with a cold or the flu.” After our cordial conversation and exchange of business cards, we parted ways and I made my way back to my seat. As I’m sure you already know, the Phillies defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks that night, 9-5… thank God.

So, this morning I walk into the office to find an e-mail from the same woman wanting to buy five Marfs for her family, as they would be needing them for their upcoming vacation to Disney World. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked she took the time to check out all the benefits the Marfs have to offer and at the end of her e-mail, she mentioned the idea of making Marfs with the Phillies team logo. Now that’s a great idea and definitely something I’ll be bringing up at our next meeting! So, if any readers have any other ideas or logo suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us… We’d love to hear them!

Phillies- Marfs 2 View from our wonderful seats… Compliments of Rachel’s company

Phillies- Marfs And of course, a selfie…

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