Cover it, Contain it, and Control it with the Marf!

Containment is the key to reducing the spread and ultimately eliminating the hazard of unwanted germs. To contain natural and unnatural contaminates, Marfs utilize Viral Shield Technology to employ natural and organic elements that protect the body at a molecular level. The elements create an environment that allows for micro-conductivity, which passes tiny amounts of electric charges throughout the Marf to zap and eliminate any offending germ particles.

Dynamic Duo of Natural Elements

Since Marfs contain NO chemicals, we engineered the design to incorporate the use of two natural elements: Elemental Silver and Active Carbon

Elemental Silver

Antibacterial and antiviral silver is infused into the fibers of the Marf, which disable the respiration and energy transfer of bacteria and virus membranes, causing them to die. Because of its ability to kill a number of disease-causing bacteria, parasites and viruses, elemental silver is typically found on antibacterial baby toys and even in infant eye-drops used to prevent eye infections. As a powerful germicide, elemental silver has been proven to eradicate new strains of bacteria and may help to restore impaired tissue cells.

Active Carbon & Bamboo Charcoal

Marfs are designed and impregnated with an active carbon filter that purifies the air around us. The many benefits of activated carbon come from its ability to increase its surface area, allowing contaminates to cling to a much larger region. Studies conducted by the Massachusetts’ Military Reservation have shown that the surface area of approximately one pound of activated carbon is equal to 125 acres (Impact Area Groundwater Study Program). Through our unique and innovative design, the Marfs fibers are produced from Bamboo Charcoal, allowing for electromagnetic protection and superior absorption capabilities. As an alternative energy source, bamboo charcoal is energy efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. The benefits of using bamboo charcoal in the Marfs fibers come from its natural properties: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal heat regulation mechanisms, ability to absorb and eliminate dangerous toxins in the air and ability to produce beneficial negative ions.

You need some fresh air!

By combining these natural and organic elements and infusing them into our fibers, Marfs release negative ions that create a biochemical reaction and increase serotonin levels. Negative ions are abundantly present in outside environments like the mountains and beaches. Have you ever heard the expression, “You need some fresh air”? This commonly heard statement actually translates to, “You need some negative ions!” The presence of negative ions is said to improve blood flow and circulation, alleviate stress, and increase energy levels. So even if you’re stuck in your cubicle at work and can’t get some fresh air, grab your Marf and take advantage of all its natural benefits.

Historical Use of Marfs’ Materials


  • 230 B.C. Chinese warriors wore scarves that represented prestigious military ranking
  • In 1600, Croatian mercenaries wore scarves that represented specific ranks
  • In 1783, some claim the knitted scarf was officially invented by the Third Duke of Krakow
  • During the Victorian Era, Queen Victoria promotes premium accessories, one of which is a scarf
  • In 1856, the Burberry Designer creates their signature plaid scarf
  • In 1914, America adopts the process of knitting scarfs as a patriotic war-time duty

Elemental Silver

  • In Roman and Greek Mythology, Apollo, God of truth and light as well as teacher of medicine carried a silver sword.
  • In Islamic alchemy, silver was considered as one of the seven sacred bodies.
  • In the 1880’s, silver was considered a sacred metal, which was highly valued. Gifts consisting of silver jewelry represented wisdom, serenity, and trust.
  • Today, elemental silver is used in a variety of different ways. Samsung Appliance manufacturers even use elemental dryer machines!

Carbon & Charcoal

  • Ancient Phoenicians in 400 B.C. used charcoal to purify water because of its natural germ-killing properties.
  • In 50 A.D. Hippocrates treated epilepsy, vertigo, and chlorosis with charcoal.
  • In 1776, Charcoal’s superior absorption properties were discovered.
  • During World War I, American soldiers used activated carbon gas masks to protect them from poisonous gas and toxins.
  • Today, activated carbon is used in almost every industry, the biggest being for water purification supply.