Aimee and Ivy from Organic Spa Magazine show off their Marfs while waiting to board their flight!

Marfs featured in Organic Spa Magazine’s Nov/Dec Holiday Gift Issue

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Hey guys,

I hope all is well with everyone! Our team has been super busy gearing up for the holiday season. I have to say, Marfs seem to be the perfect stocking stuffer! Speaking of the holiday season, Marfs are featured in Organic Spa Magazine’s Holiday Gift issue that just came out yesterday (Marfs are on page 84)! :)

Organic Spa Magazine has always been a favorite must-read of mine and our team is so honored that we were able to work with them! I originally met OSM’s West Coast Brand Director, Lisa Carbery at the LA Green Festival in September and she absolutely loved Marfs. She ended up putting me in touch with their team on the east coast and we collaborated to make a successful ad in their November/December Holiday issue! So, to the Organic Spa Magazine team, THANK YOU for all your help! You guys are awesome!

Check out the picture above.. That’s the wonderful Aimee and Ivy for Organic Spa Magazine showing off their Marfs before boarding their flight home! Thanks for the photo guys!

Marfs are featured on slide #8 in Marine Cole’s article for The Fiscal Times!

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Got Ebola Phobia? 11 New Germ-fighting Products

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The Fiscal Times

October 1, 2014

With the first case of Ebola diagnosed in Texas earlier this week, there’s a new reason to protect yourself from germs and other infections like the enterovirus.

Don’t worry too much, though. Your chances of getting Ebola are miniscule compared with the flu and the new enterovirus, which affects children disproportionately.

“Ebola can be scary,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden in a press release. “While it’s not impossible that there could be additional cases associated with this patient in the coming weeks, I have no doubt that we will contain this.”

SLIDESHOW: 11 Items to Protect From Ebola and Other Diseases

Whether you use public transportation, need to pump your own gas or end up in a crowded movie theater, you’ll run the risk of catching something. You’re also perpetually in danger of getting sick at the office, as germs are often found on keyboards and at coffee stations as The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

You can prevent being contaminated by taking some the simple precaution of washing your hands regularly.  One of my colleagues who gets around town by taxi recently told me that she rarely gets a cold since taxis take credit cards.  “I rarely get sick since I don’t handle money anymore,” she said.

Short of spraying ourselves with Purell every 5 minutes, there are other ways to ward off germs. That’s why The Fiscal Times shopped around to find these11 items that could help you avoid getting sick this winter.

Click here to see the 11 items to protect from Ebola and other diseases


- See more at:

photo 4

Marfs won 3rd place for Green Festival’s Brand Award!

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Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written anything, but things have been super crazy! So, just to update everyone who hasn’t been informed yet, Marfs received 3rd place for the Green Festival Brand Award! Out of 270 exhibitors, Marfs was chosen as one of the most exciting brands featured at the Los Angeles Green Festival! We couldn’t be more excited and grateful for all the amazing support we’ve received over the past few months. In addition, we would love to thank all the Green Festival employees that put everything together, as well as all the volunteers that helped out! It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Green Festival is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. They bring together the world’s most trusted companies, innovative brands, national and local businesses, pioneering thinkers, and conscious consumers in one place to promote the best in sustainability and green living. How exciting is that?! Feel free to check out the other brand award winners at Green Festivals Post Show Release.

Now that I’m back in New Jersey (bummer, right?), I’ve already been planning what festival we’ll be attending next! Can you tell I’m excited? It’s been an absolute blessing to be a part of something so wonderful. To everyone who showed support for Green Festival and especially Marfs, THANK YOU! You guys rock ;)


photo 5


Mask or Marf?

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I received this gem when I got into the office this morning. These two siblings are headed to China for a little vacation with their father. Joshua (left) and Nicolette (right) show that you don’t have to be uncomfortable when shielding yourself from all the germs and bacteria on airplanes. Marfs are just as effective as regular pollution/dust masks and have been tested AND approved using ASTM standards. Travel healthy and travel happy with your Marf!

IMG_4249 (1)

Yup, it’s a selfie! Edward Jones, the inventor of Marfs, shows how he’s staying comfortable and healthy during his plane ride!

Germ-Resistant Scarves Introduced as MARFS

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Mantua, NJ- August 12, 2014

MARFS, a wearable, germ-resistant product, was introduced in the health and wellness market earlier this month by Wrall LLC. Marfs function as both a mask and a scarf. When pulled over the mouth and nose, Marfs help to improve health by eliminating airborne contaminates by filtering the air. There have been growing health concerns among travelers and other health-conscious individuals who are looking for ways to avoid sickness, especially during air travel and other close-contact situations. Recent studies have indicated that viruses and bacteria such as MRSA and E. Coli are capable of living in the back of airport seat pockets for several days, making them a haven for germs. Marfs’ function to reduce the spread of germs and ultimately eliminate the hazard of harmful bacteria, making them ideal for travelers, commuters, students, and those prone to sickness.

Marfs fibers are made from bamboo charcoal, active carbon, and are infused with elemental silver, resulting in a specific design to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, molds and yeasts. The natural properties of bamboo charcoal and active carbon allow the Marfs to have humidity and thermal regulating mechanisms that keep wearers feeling comfortable in any weather. The combination of these natural elements also produces negative ions, which are tasteless, odorless and invisible molecules that we inhale. Negative ions are abundantly found in environments such as the mountains or beaches, and have been said to improve blood flow and circulation, help alleviate stress, and increase energy levels.

Marfs have been thoroughly evaluated by an independent laboratory under ASTM standards to ensure optimum protection and longevity. You can view the scope of these tests at Comprised of organic elements and minerals, Marfs’ engineering process is completely natural and environmentally friendly, whereas other antibacterial and deodorizing fabrics rely on chemicals and dyes. As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo is eco-friendly and grows without the need of any pesticides or fertilizers.

Edward Jones, inventor of Marfs, stated, “We all know it’s impossible to completely avoid germs, but research shows the key to good health is avoiding and eliminating those germs as much as possible.” With more than 30 years of experience as a Tribologist and COO, Jones’ area of expertise includes research, formulation, development, manufacturing, and marketing of sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly products.

Marfs are an official product of Wrall LLC that operates out of Mantua, NJ and is run by Edward Jones. They can be purchased for $28.46 at Marfs will be exhibiting this September at the Green Festival at the LA Convention Center. For more information, please visit their website

Phillies, Marfs & Friends

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I hope everyone’s doing fabulous on this lovely Monday afternoon, and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was pretty exciting, but of course, it’s never long enough.

So, Friday night I attended a Phillies game with a few of my best friends. For those of you who don’t follow the Phillies or MLB Baseball, the Phillies and their fans have definitely seen better seasons. With their 46-59 record, my friends and I were really hoping for a win, but if that didn’t happen, at least we’d enjoy our $9 beers and the good company.

Before the 7th inning stretch, I figured I’d hit the bathroom before the rush. As always, I was wearing my Marf. So when I approached the sink, I tapped the water and soap dispenser with my Marf to avoid any transfer of germs (I really wonder how many people had touched that same knob). Anyway, the woman who was washing her hands to my left turned to me and said, “Health conscious, huh? You got the right idea, girl.” I smiled and replied, “You could say that… I don’t have the time to be stuck in bed with a cold or the flu.” After our cordial conversation and exchange of business cards, we parted ways and I made my way back to my seat. As I’m sure you already know, the Phillies defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks that night, 9-5… thank God.

So, this morning I walk into the office to find an e-mail from the same woman wanting to buy five Marfs for her family, as they would be needing them for their upcoming vacation to Disney World. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked she took the time to check out all the benefits the Marfs have to offer and at the end of her e-mail, she mentioned the idea of making Marfs with the Phillies team logo. Now that’s a great idea and definitely something I’ll be bringing up at our next meeting! So, if any readers have any other ideas or logo suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us… We’d love to hear them!

Phillies- Marfs 2 View from our wonderful seats… Compliments of Rachel’s company

Phillies- Marfs And of course, a selfie…


Marfs Going Green!

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Green Festival- Los Angeles 2014

How’s everyone doing today? I hope all is well with our readers and valued customers!

We wanted to announce that Marfs will be exhibiting at the Green Festival in Los Angeles, California this September at the LA Convention Center! The festival dates are Friday Sept. 12th through Sunday Sept. 14th. If you’re going to be in the area, stop on by and visit us at BOOTH # 725!

Just to give everyone a little background, Green Festival is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. The festival showcases products and services from national and local businesses, innovative brands, and fortune 500 companies. Attendees get to learn about the newest, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are out on the market. Green Festival really does have something for everyone with the “widest selection of products and services to work green, play green and live green from food, fashion and health to energy, construction and design.”

So if you’re in the area or traveling from out of state, come visit Marfs at booth # 725! Have safe and healthy travels and I hope to see you all there!!e

A New Journey for Marfs

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Hey guys!

This marks the beginning of a new journey for the Marfs, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all! Our continued focus has been on creating a product that can improve one’s health and wellness without making drastic changes to one’s lifestyle. Just like we can’t live in a bubble to shield ourselves from germs, we also can’t miss out on doing things we love because we’ve fallen victim to the bug that’s going around. So please, do yourself a favor and next time you’re heading out to embark on your next adventure, take your Marf… it’s your best defense against germs!

As we get ready to launch our new and stylish website, I’d like to take a moment and give a special shout out to Matt Williams and Thomas Vendetta of Skyscraper Solutions LLC for creating a pretty kick a$$ website! From the layout and formatting to the colors and placement, everything looks so much better than what I originally envisioned. If anyone is looking to create or revamp a website or application, Skyscraper Solutions is the way to go. You can check out their impressive portfolio at The sky is the limit!

In addition to Skyscraper’s impressive work, I have to hand it to my amazingly talented photographer (and best friend), Julia Grimm and the rest of the crew from Tinbox LA for capturing beautiful photos that illustrate the Marfs’ use, purpose, and benefits. Your photos rock, girl! If anyone needs any cinematography, sound, editing, or graphic work done, check out their website at

With that, I’d like to thank everyone that has made this possible and a special thanks to all our valued customers! You guys are the best!